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International Military-Patriotic Museum of WAR MOTORS

On March 4, 2011 it was the 25 anniversary of the Central Great Patriotic War museum. The opening of the unique “War Motor Vehicles” exhibition took place in honor of this event. Its visitors will have an opportunity to see the transport vehicles in World War II with their own eyes.
The exposition includes genuine and absolutely 100% authentic mechanical transport of 1930-1945 in the USSR, the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan; staff and medical cars, armored motorcars, off-road intelligence vehicles, radio cars, trucks of all types, motorcycles, passenger cars, battle tanks, half-track vehicles, artillery, air defense guns, bullock carts and many other things. All the exhibits have appropriate painting and authentic military insignia.
A permanent renewal of the exposition is supposed. Currently the Central Great Patriotic War museum provided several exhibits, but the most part is a private collection of Vyacheslav Len.


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