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1938 Laffly/Licorne V15T Artillery Tractor France

The family of the Laffly VI5 light –duty trucks was presented in 1938. Two versions of the vehicle were anticipated - V15R (VI5 Reconnaissance) and V15T (V15 Tracteur), they differed from each other by bodies. The Laffly V15T was created as an artillery tractor, 25-mm antitank cannons were considered as the basic objects to carry. At the close of 1938 the Laffly got the order for 100 of the VI5T tractors, but the firm pressed with orders was able to produce only 80 vehicles and other 20 in 1940, after which the production of the automobile stopped. When the manufacture had just began it became evident that a large scale production was too much for the Laffly, and the order was transferred to the La Licorne, the automobile building company from Courbevoie. The total order for 1940 amounted to 1,386 vehicles, but in reality the company managed to assemble less than 200 tractors till the end of May-June.

Curb weight, kg – 3,100
Length, mm – 3,430
Width, mm – 1,800
Height, mm – 1,365
Cylinder number - 4
Displacement, l – 2.3
Power, hp - 60
Speed, km/h - 60

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