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1943 Dodge WC-63 (the USA)

The all-wheel drive military truck Dodge WC-63 was designed on the base of the two-axle Dodge WC-52. A certain reserve engine power and minor components ruggedness were laid in this model construction which made possible to switch to the heavy three-axle Dodge WC-63 with the load capacity of 1.5 tons quickly and cost effectively.
The one-of-a-kind compact three-axle American army truck with 6x6 chassis type Dodge WC-63 (the USA) winch-equipped was a variant of the famous Dodge three quarters. It was a lengthened version of this vehicle and used as an artillery tractor. The principle task was to transport 57-mm antitank guns M1, also light 105-mm howitzers M3. From 1942 till 1945 a total of 20 thousand of this family vehicles were produced.

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