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1941 GAZ-64 Command Vehicle (the USSR)

In February of 1941 the engineering designer V.A. Grachev working for the GAZ named after V.A. Molotov received the assignment to work out a light scout vehicle akin to American automobile Ford Pigmy. The car was discovered in American print media. The GAZ-64 came to trials already in April, 1941. This automobile could substitute for motorcycles with a sidecar in intelligence subdivisions according to the thought of the constructor. The first GAZ-64 rolled off the assembly line of Gorky Automobile Plant in August 1941. They were employed as command cars instead of intelligence subdivisions, as the GAZ-61, created on the base of the GAZ M1 was produced in too small batches. According to different data there were altogether made from 566 to 672 items of the GAZ-64.

Curb weight, kg – 1,200
Length, mm – 3,305
Width, mm – 1,530
Height, mm – 1,700
Cylinder number - 4
Displacement, l – 3.28
Power, hp - 54
Speed, km/h - 100

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