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Museum of tractors history

The idea of ​​opening Cheboksary Scientific and Technical Museum of the History of the tractor belongs to the President of "Concern " Tractor plants " Michael Bolotin. This unique and one of its kind in the Russian Museum, a non-governmental cultural institution , intended to promote technical education and education of the general population . The exposition of the museum, which is located on an area of ​​over 1500 square meters, will give a complete picture of the history and development of Russian and world tractor . The museum funds are formed not only from the documents , models of tractors, images that in itself is valuable, but authentic sample tractors domestic and foreign production that operated both in Russia and in the countries near and far abroad .

Exhibits are located at two sites : open and closed . Here are the wheel , caterpillar , industrial, skidders . Already delivered and placed in the museum 18 machines . This " Fordson Putilovets " , manufactured from 1924 to 1933 at the Leningrad plant "Red Putilovets ." In the second half of the 20 - ies of the last century it was the most common in the country farm tractor , replacing horses with a plow . It was with him began the mechanization of manual farm labor in Soviet Russia. In 1934, he was replaced by tractor "Universal" the same plant. With him in the domestic tractor began an era of manufacture tractors . Tractor with kerosene engine and metal wheels was the first domestic products exported abroad.


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Вот это да! Не думал, что в России, да еще и не в Москве, могут быть музеи такого качества. Неужели и правда по всем экспонатам можно лазить? Пошел собирать чемодан )))

AlexRough, Russia

мне очень понравилось!

андрей, Russia

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