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1959 Warchalowski WT-20

The firm Warchalowski was founded in 1858 in Vienna. The first tractors had an engine power from 14 to 50 hp and thanks to their high quality they were exported to the USA, Brazil and Indo-China. The model WT-20 was produced from 1958 to 1968, during all this time about 6,500 units were made altogether. The WT-20 is rightly considered the most successful model of the company Warchalowski.

The engine is V-formed, diesel with cubic capacity of 1,145 cm3 and output of 18 hp. (13 kW) at 2,600 rev/min. The gearbox is ZF with 5 transmissions forward and 1 backward. Thereafter 6-speed gearboxes were also mounted. In 1970 the company Warchalowski was acquiered by the firm International (modern Case IH), and since 1980 such tractors stopped being produced.

Total number of produced tractors 6,500
Engine output, hp (kW) 18(13)
Operation weight, kg 885
Number of transmissions forward / backward 5 / 1 (6/1)
Speed range of forward movement, km/h 3.38-28

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