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1924 Fordson-Putilovec

In the second half of 1920's, “Fordson-Putilovets" tractor was the most commonly used in home agriculture. As its prototype, American 'Fordson' (the world's most popular tractor, manufactured by 'Font' Company) was chosen. This tractor was assembled at one of the biggest machine-building enterprises 'Krasny Putilovets', Leningrad (1924-1933).

'Fordzon-Putilovets' tractor was the first machine of the kind in the world's practice, that had a frameless construction. At the same time, the crankcase, clutch housing, transmission housing and rear axle housing were rigidly interconnected.

A four-stroke, four-cylinder engine with electric ignition system was installed on the tractor. That tractor was featuring a layout that later had been called a classic one for wheeled tractors: (2) rear wheels are driving, whereas (2) front wheels are guide wheels.

to be used for work with a twin plough and other agricultural general-purpose trailed implements, machines as well as for driving stationary machines.

Manufacturer: "Krasnyi Putilovets" Plant in Leningrad (1924-1933)

Technical characteristics:

Total number of tractors assembled - 36 100
Engine power, h.p. (kW) - 20 (14,5)
Operating weight kg - 1320
Number of forward/reverse gears - 3/1
Speed range, forward, km/h - 2,5-11,2

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