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1970 T-4A "Altay"

Tractor T-4A model is a crawler-type general purpose tractor of traction class IV. The machine is equipped with cab-operated separate-unit hydraulic system employing two external cylinders, the rear implement mechanism that allows to link various equipment or implements using two- or three-point linkage system, hitch mechanisms and automatic coupling device. The Cab is of dosed-type, all-metal, two-seater, cushion-mounted, provided with heating & ventilation systems. The Operator's seat is sprung-cushioned and adjustable to Operator's height and weight.

The tractor is equipped with A-01M 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine, featuring the liquid cooling system and combustion chamber located in the piston head. The main diesel engine is started from the driver's station with the aid of an auxiliary starting engine using the electric starter. The electrical equipment rated at 12V d.c., provides for electric starts of the starting engine, audible alarm, fan drive, pre-heater and lighting.

general-purpose agriculture jobs when operating with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed implements. Besides, the tractors could be used in construction, industrial and reclamation jobs.

Manufacturer: Altay Tractor Plant (1970-1998)

Technical characteristics:
Total number of tractors assembled - 343 000
Engine power, h.p. (kW) - 130(95)
Operating weight, kg - 7 960
Number of forward/reverse gears - 8/4
Forward speed range, km/h - 3,5 - 9,5

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