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1962 MTZ-50 "Belarus"

MTZ-50 tractor it a result of further development of MTZ tractors model range with conventional layout. It is equipped with high-powered engine, steering hydraulic booster, spring-loaded front axle, hydraulic amplifier of coupling weight differential lock mechanism and closed cab. At the request the tractor is equipped with trailer pneumatic brake system end manual brake drive.

On the basis of MTZ-50 a population of various unified model modifications had been developed including all-wheel-powered tractor, tractor for cotton-growing farms, for hillside jobs, half-track version, vine-yard crawler machine and beet-growing tractor.

for cultivation of tilled crops, tilling of light and medium soils, preplant & inter-row cultivation, to be used in combination with trailed, semimounted and mounted implements for crops seeding and harvesting, and for hauling operations.

Manufacturer: Minsk Tractor Plant (1962-1985)

Total number of tractors assembled - 1 256 800
Engine power, h.p. (kW) - 55 (40)
Construction weight of MTZ-50 (MTZ-52A), kg - 2720(2950)
Number of forward/reverse gears - 9/2
Forward travel speed range, km/h - 1,7-25,8

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