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1946 John Deere A

The A was John Deere's first true row-crop tractor, replacing the GP. The tractors appearance was changed in 1939 with the "styled" look. In 1940, with serial number 488000, the engine was increased from 309 ci to 321 ci. In 1941, with serial number 499000, the transmission was changed from four forward speeds to six.

There were several variants of the A. The A was the row-crop model. The AR was a standard (or fixed) tread model. The AO was an orchard model, with no exhaust stack and shielded fenders. There was also the AI industrial model, the AN with narrow front, the AW wide front, and the high-crop ANH and AWH.

The model A was the first Deere tractor to come from the factory with rubber tires. The "slant dash" A was produced between 1939 and 1947. It was an A with the electric start option; a special hood piece was used to cover the battery. In 1947 (serial number 584000), the battery was moved under the seat.

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