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Exhibition "Cars from our courtyard"

From the 10th of February to the 19th April, the exhibition of Russian classical cars and motorcycles named "Cars of Our Yard" took place in Moscow historical pavilion No. 2 "National education. It is the unique project which shows you an atmosphere of the XX century, a rhythm and an image of big cities of that era. 48 cars and motorcycles from USSR gathered in the one place again. It reminds us about equipments filled our yards in the childhood.

Cars were a rarity and people treated them with special care. Cars were covered with tarpaulin to protect them from a rain and snow. Boys considered an interior with interest through side glasses, dogs and cats slept in cars shadows. The Cars of Our Yard exhibition is an opportunity to plunge into that left atmosphere when cars were family members.

The Cars of Our Yard exhibition is organized by the club of fans of retro cars named Gorkyclassic. All vehicles are broken on thematic blocks: Moskvich, Zhiguli, Zaporozhets, Volga, Victory, motorcycles. In halls of the pavilion it is possible to see the microcar SMZ S-3A nicknamed "morgunovka". The national name of this vehicle appeared in 1965 after a release of the movie "Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik". Also you can see rare ZAZ-965 in original pink color, a wooden van of Moskvich-401-422 (it’s one of the several remained), the pre-war fire truck PMG-1, all generations of the "Zaporozhets" and "Volga" standing side by side with each other. The virtual tour on our portal is the only opportunity to walk through the halls of this magnificent exhibition right now!


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