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1936 PMG-1 on GAZ-AA chassis

PMG -1 is the first fire engine built on the chassis of the GAZ-AA truck. It started to be produced at two factories: in Moscow — at Miussky mechanical, in St Pete — at “Prometei”.

The GAZ-AA chassis, that is a truck without a body, was driven under its own power from Moscow car assembly plant named after Communist International (now AZLK) to Miussky mechanical factory. In the first place a propeller shaft and a driver’s seat were taken out of it. A transfer gear was set behind the transmission gearbox, a flow-type pump D-20 was mounted in the vehicle rear. A wooden body superstructure with side seats for fire team was fixed on the chassis. A tank with water for the first aid at fire was located there. Coils with outer hoses were fastened to the seat backs on the sides.

On top of the superstructure they fixed a three-knee extending ladder, intake hoses, a spare wheel and rubber branch pipes, inside the structure there was a stander and a jack light, there were different fire fighting accessories (a splitter tee-joint, suction screens and others) and entrenching tools in its drawers. A foam generator, a splitter-twin and two fire-extinguishes were adjusted on the front wings, and the trunk tail was fitted with swinging arms on which a large coil with outer hoses was hung. Inside the superstructure relevant pull rods were placed for running a car while feeding water at fire, and operation handles were installed in its rear.

The PMG-1 appealed to fire fighters at one stroke for fast movement and flexibility, high level of equipment with necessary facilities, the simplicity of their packing. A team arrived at the fire quickly and took up the struggle with it on the fly. It happened so that they got by only the first aid, but more often extinction of fires demanded great efforts and courage.

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