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1961 Ural M-62 "Police"

Ural М-62 is a Soviet heavy a sidecar motorcycle. It was produced by Irbitsky Motorcycle Plant (IMZ “Ural”) from 1961 till 1965. Since 1961 the production of the model М-62 began in parallel with the assembly of the previous model М-61. The new motorcycle was notable for a new distributor shaft and a mechanism of automatic spark advance thank to which the engine power increased by 2 hp and was equal to 28 hp. The gearbox underwent reengineering —claw drive clutches were installed instead of the cam clutches. The gearbox was unified with the motorcycles of Kiev Motor Plant (“zavod” in Russian) – KMZ. Moreover the suspensions travels were enlarged and the front fork covers were changed in the new model.

The engine is four-stroke, carburetor, two-cylinder with opposed cylinders and air cooling. The operation capacity is 649 cm3. The power is 28 hp at 4,200-4,800 rev/min. The gearbox is four-speed.

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