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1958 Moskvich-423

Moskvich-423 is the first in the USSR stock car with a cargo-passenger five-door body station wagon, produced in 1957—1958. The same side panel with bent drip rails and the same back panel with a high sill of the luggage roof were employed in its design. The back seat folded forming a cargo compartment of 1,473 mm length and 1,220 mm width. When the rear seats were folded the car could carry 250 kg of load and two people, including a driver. A horizontal recession for a spare wheel was located under the floor. The rear shock absorbers were by 5 mm wider than with the base model Moskvich-402. The rear fifth door opened on the left, its sill was situated at the height of 760 mm from the ground. Since 1961 a less complicated version of the station wagon body was produced with angular back door frames and a single-piece drip rail continuing along the whole roof.

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