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1940 МЗА1 Scout Car

In 1937 the White Motor Co. began projecting of an intelligence automobile which had to replace the М2 Scout Саг. The first 64 armored motorcars of the new type under the М3 Scout Саг designation were produced according to the order of the cavalry. The major version was the МЗА1 Scout Саг model, the production of which started in 1940. In comparison to the precedent one a new model received a welded body and an elongated chassis. A total of 20,918 МЗА1 Scout Сагs came into operation from 1940 till 1944, and it became the most mainstream armored vehicle of World War II. About 3,340 МЗА1 Scout Сагs were furnished to the USSR under lend-lease program and they were employed for scouting and as armored carriers in Red Army.

Curb weight, kg – 5,620
Length, mm – 5,626
Width, mm – 2,032
Height, mm – 1,994
Cylinder number - 6
Displacement, l – 5.2
Power, hp - 110
Speed, km/h - 81

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