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Museo Ferrari San Marino - Maranello Rosso Collezione

Youngest son of the Violati family, Fabrizio was born on June 17th 1935 in a XIIth century mansion in the middleaged town of Sangemini, where he passed his youth learning the secrets of nature following the development of the main family companies: agriculture, mineral waters and he consequently got his degree in geology.

In the person of Fabrizio Violati you discover the taste of adventure and success. Everything began with a jump on two wheels. Becoming Italian Champion Landing on a blazing red four wheel. Becoming European Champion Mediterranean Champion Participates with Giorgio Falk as Italian Team in the Admiral's Cup Convinced assertor of the enormous. Italian supremacy in the automobile field, overall in technic and design, after collecting automobiles in many years of research, he opens to the public a museum directed to illustrate the genius and the work of Enzo Ferrari and Carlo Abarth.

25 automobiles, genuine masterpieces on display as works of art in highly suggestive itinerary. An anthologic and monographic exhibition on the origins, the development, technical and stylistic evolution of the Ferrari cars that the Maranello Rosso Collezione dedicates to the life and work of a man become a legend while still alive: Enzo Ferrari.

The legend of the Prancing Horse and its prestigious automobiles will never fade. Among the models in the museum displays: Ferrari 250 GTO, winner of three world championships, Ferrari 250 Spyder Pininfarina - a unique model that belonged to Marilyn Monroe and the legendary Ferrari F.1 driver Villeneuve.


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San Marino

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