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About the museum

In 1932 the first airport in the United Arab Emirates opened in Sharjah, used as a staging post for commercial flights en route from Britain to India. From man's first attempts to fly to landing on the moon, explore the history of flight and the development of aviation in this region at the museum which is located in Sharjah's first airport building. Watch an interesting film about the daily life at the airport and Sharjah Town during the 1930's and experience first hand this fascinating period of Sharjah's history. Four of the original propeller planes, fully restored, stand guard in the hangar alongside the original refueling tanker.



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Это, вероятно, самый маленький музей в мире) Зато интересно посмотреть на самолеты в окраске местных авиалиний. Топливный тягач очень крутой!

Rustam Knav, Russia

Музей очень интересный, рассказывает не только об истории появления в Шардже аэропорта и распространения авиации в тех краях, но и об истории воздухоплавания в целом. Много интересных экспонатов. Жаль в туре нельзя попасть в кабину самолета.

Николай, Russia

The exhibits take you through the history of aviation and in the development of traditional society in the Emirate of Sharjah. I've never was there before this virtual tour. Going to visit it for real next weekends.

smith2014, UAE

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