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Built Roe Ltd in Newton Heath, England in October 1937 in the Royal Air Force, as the L7909.
At first he exploited in the RAF Flying Training School, and then in the Air Observer Navigation School. He was transferred to the United States Army Air Forces before joining the Park Air Transport Auxiliary in 1947. He was traded to the British Air Transport and registered as G-AKVW. In August 1950 he was registered in the Gulf Aviation Ltd in Bahrain and the continued commercial operation in the Persian Gulf until January 1953, when it was sold in Aden Airway.

SM 2000 – 155

The Avro Anson was a British twin-engined, multi-role aircraft that served with the Royal Air Force, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Canadian Air Force and numerous other air forces before, during, and after the Second World War. Named after British Admiral George Anson, it was originally designed as an airliner as the Avro 652 before being redeveloped for maritime reconnaissance, but was soon rendered obsolete in both roles. However, it was rescued from obscurity by its suitability as a multi-engined aircrew trainer, becoming the mainstay of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. By the end of production in 1952, the Anson spanned nine variants; a total of 8,138 were built in Britain by Avro. From 1941, a further 2,882 were built by Federal Aircraft Ltd. in Canada.

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