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23rd Oldtimer Gallery 2015

The 23rd Oldtimer Gallery located in two vast pavilions of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. From the 6th to 9th March 2015 in the halls of the Center the most popular, the most beautiful, the rarest cars of the past years were gathered together. See them in real life in one place was possible in Oldtimer Gallery only.

The agenda of the spring exhibition is the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in the European continent. In the honor of the victory a military and technical festival Motors of Victory was held for the first time, it unites museums and historical reconstruction clubs. In the Oldtimer Gallery only you could see tanks, artillery, vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and other military artifacts which were used in armies fighting on the opposing sides in the Second World War. Many exhibits were taken from conservation or restored specially for the Motors of Victory festival.

Special atmosphere of the Motors of Victory festival was created by retro fashion show with clothes from 1930-40s, retro films screening, musical concert on bed of vintage military truck.


128 exhibits
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The biggest in Russia classic car show

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Мне очень понравилось это посещение. К сожалению я не смог вовремя добраться до Москвы, чтобы посмотреть вживую, но спасибо ребятам, что сохранили это мгновенье и его можно еще долго пересматривать , изучая все экспонаты и узнавая их историю . Я даже не думал, что у нас в России так много увлекающихся военной техникой, владельцев экзотических авто и крутых кастомайзеров и реставраторов. Еще раз большое спасибо !!!

Dmitrii, Russia

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