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1967 Moskvich-434

The Moskvich-434 is a Soviet car compact car with a van body. It was batch-produced at the Automobile plant named after Lenin Komsomol (AZLK) in 1968 - 1973. It is a station wagon of the Moskvich-412, from which it got 1.5 l engine (therein laid the difference from the model Moskvich-433, having 1.4 l engine.

In 1967 a new van was produced – the body of 433 with the engine of the Moskvich-412 received the designation Moskvich-434. As with the earlier Moskvich-433 the fifth door was initially made two-leafed, and only since 1972 it became one-piece. The rear lamps remained of the same shape throughout of the whole production. The successor of the model became the Moskvich-2734, built from 1976.

Performance specifications:

The chassis type is 4х2. The car can carry two people and 400 kg of load over hard roads. The curb weight of the car is 1,040 kg. The engine is of 412 type — carburetor four-cylinder overhead of 1,478 cm³ displacement. The maximum power is 55 kW (75 hp) at 5,800 rev/min. The gearbox is four-speed, the clutch is single-disk, dry. The service brake is drum with a hydraulic gear and a hydraulic boost. The front suspension is independent, spring with lateral arms, the rear suspension is on two half-elliptic springs. The top speed is 115 km/h.

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