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1988 Trabant 1.1

Number 1! This is the first from the released Trabant 1.1. In 1984 a diesel engine was developed for Trabant 601. Unfortunately, due to quality problems the production of the Trabant with this engine was delayed for more than 4 years. In April 1988 the company began testing cars with the engine BM 820 of 1,043 cc displacement. The first zero batch of 150 cars was built in the beginning of 1989.

The cars of this production batch were distinguished by an unusual body color, which was called "Yellow Maple", as it was stated in the official booklet. During the preparation process for the production the cars changed quite strongly, so that the list of changes can take a small book. In 1989 another batch of 850 cars was made in the colors of "White Papyrus" or "Blue Glacier."

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