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About the museum

Directly at Checkpoint Charlie is Berlin's Trabi Museum, dedicated to the history of the famous car with the two-stroke engine. Serial production of the Trabant started in Zwickau in 1958 and it is definitely the most famous car from East Germany.

On display are the various stages of development of the East German people's car and its potential uses for camping or as a military vehicle. Also on display are rarities such as the Trabant P70 with its wooden chassis, or the racing Trabi, or couple of military versions

There are also tourist corner in the Trabi Museum Berlin, where you can see how people of Easy Germany spent theie holidays. There you can see the panorama inside the very popular QEK Junior camper with things from 80s.



18 exhibits
6 panoramas
The museum about Trabant cars

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There is nice little selection of cars; around 12 in all ranging from racing car, police car, armoured car, camping car and more. My favourite was the camping car that had a folding ridge tent on the roof :-) Also a stripped down version so you can see the workings of the small engine and column shift.

Aaron Stettner, Austria

Trabant cars are symbol of freedom and this museum is like memorial of this great DDR cars. In the museum you have the opportunity to see the all Trabis from the first model to the last.

lamorta, Portugal

Отличный небольшой музей. Можно увидеть ГДРовские игрушки и специальные версии этого автомобиля. Очень понравилась панорама внутри кемпера

Андрей Ваков, Russia

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