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Visiting of Toyota Museum in Japan. Part 2

15 февраля 2015


We continue our walk in halls of the Toyota Museum near Nagoya, Japan. If you have not seen the first part you may check it here - 360carmuseum.com

In the beginning of the 20th century French automotive industry produced such great cars as this 1936 Bugatti Type 57C.

1941 Jeep “GPW” Willis is a legendary American off-road utility truck from the World War II. It’s amazing how functional are elements of this truck. You can see nothing unnecessary here, only required elements for 100% effectiveness.

In 1947 Pininfarina created a design of the beautiful coupe Cisitalia 202 Coupe. By the way, this car finished in the fifth place in Mille Miglia race in 1948.

As it was mentioned before, the Toyota Museum has the most legendary cars of all times and parts of the world. America is represented by this 1937 Cord Front Drive Model 812.

It’s still a mystery for us – how was it possible to export this car from the USA to Japan. This 1939 Packard Twelve was ridden by Roosevelt himself! Under it’s hood you may find big V12 engine.

One of the most well-favored cars in the world – 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing. The car has got the name “Gullwing” for the shape of its doors.

No need to represent this car. It’s the first car model of Porsche motor company – 356.

The Toyota Museum gathered quite rare Toyota models for its visitors. You have good opportunity to see 1955 Toyopet Crown RS which was very popular in Japan. Now it’s very rare vehicle to see even in car museums.

1932 Datsun Model 11 is the oldest Datsun you may find on our planet.

One more cool Japanese classic car – 1935 Tsukuba-Go.

1953 Toyopet Super RHN – one of the first compact cars equipped with good power engine. The thing is that compact cars with smaller than 1.5-liter engines had lowered duties and good privileges. Car manufacturers could get not more than 25 hp from 1.5-liter displacement. Super RHN engines output twice more – 48 hp. Such car you may only find in Toyota collection.

1951 Toyopet Model SA – the first car of Toyota with independent suspension.

Very unusual car, isn’t it? 1955 Flying Feather with 350-cc 12,5 hp engine. It weights 425 kilograms. It seems this car was very fun to drive.

Japanese microcar 1955 Fujicabin Model 5A. The motorcycle engine outputs 5 hp only and this was enough for a 150 kg microcar. Nowadays Fujicabin is a valuable piece of automotive world among many car collectors.

1958 Subaru 360 K111 is the first serial car of Subaru. It was very popular in Japan.

These Daihatsu Midget DKA cargo tricycles had been being produced for 16 years since 1959.

Sporty kei-cars are popular in Japan. Mazda R360 Coupe KRBB with 4-stroke engine and 2-stage automatic transmission is a good example of such car.

American? No, it’s Japanese car! Prince Gloria Super 6 – a car for local bad boys. This exhibit is rare exemplar of the car which you may find only in the Toyota Museum.

To continue our topic of “the first cars of Japanese manufacturers” I would like to show you this 1964 Honda S500. Small roadster made in British-Japanese style. No VTEC, carburetors only. The engine of the car outputs 44 hp.

When Toyota saw success of Honda roadster it created its own version of sporty kei-car – Sports 800. It’s very pleasant car and very expensive in our days. Today the price of Toyota Sports 800 starts from $70,000.

Nissan Silvia fans should fall to knees in front of this car. This car in the Toyota Museum is the first generation Nissan Silvia.

1969 Mazda Cosmo is well-known not only for it’s design and driving characteristics, this is the first production car with rotary engine.

Taking into consideration the fact how many legendary cars the Toyota Museum may show to it visitors, Ford Mustang is a “must exhibit”.

Near to Ford Mustang you may find a Japanese interpretation of the car – 1970 Toyota Celica 1600GT.

1971 Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO-MR Model A53C is other Japanese “Mustang-like”. It looks even more muscular than Celica 1600GT.

Toyota Levin – is a predecessor of modern featureless Toyota Corolla. It was completely different car, as it even had RWD layout. This is not modern boring Toyotas many of us have to drive today.

1975 Honda Civic CVCC hatchback. Most Honda fans would like to put VTEC in it.

The best classic car is Toyota 2000GT sport coupe. Prices for this car at auctions hit up to $1 million.

1981 Toyota Soarer S10 is the first generation of the business-coupe Soarer model.

Here you may see a prototype of Lexus LFA hyper car.

Isuzu Piazza JR130

This is legendary Toyota Levin AE86. Trueno model is more popular thanks to Initial D anime.

Production model of AW11 Toyota MR2.

I end up my story with other “Japanese muscle car” from the Toyota Museum. Shapes of Toyota Celica Liftback 2000GT look familiar.

Photos - Flavien Vidal.

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