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1932 Fairchild 24-S

Airplane: Fairchild 24-S 1932

Owner - Compra (Barcelona)
Registration number 1817

Developer: Fairchild
Country: United States
First flight: 1932
Type: light multipurpose aircraft

Modification Fairchild 22G
Wingspan, m 11.07
Length, m 7.26
Height, m 2.24
Wing area, m2 16.09
Weight, kg
Empty 669
maximum take-off in 1089
Engine Type 1 PD Warner Super Scarab Series 50
Power, hp 1 x 145
Maximum speed km / h 209
Cruising speed, km / h 190
Range, 764 km
Rate of climb, m / min 206
Ceiling, m 5030
Crew 1
Payload: up to 3 passengers

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