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1950 International Harverster L170

International Harverster L170 Fire truck 1950

Reg.№ - MM 10347


The International Harvester L Series Trucks were introduced by International Harvester in fall 1949 as the replacement for the KB-Series and ran the gamut from light pickup trucks and delivery vehicles to full size tractor trailers. Electric wipers, a radio, and a clock were optional. International would continue to produce the line until 1952 when it was replaced by the R Series.

Layout :FR
Engine : 220 ci Silver Diamond I6
240 ci Silver Diamond I6
269 ci Super Blue Diamond I6
Transmission : 3-speed synchromesh manual
Model T9 4-speed HD non-synchro manual
Model T98 4-speed synchro manual option after 5/1950
Wheelbase : 115"/127"(L-110/L1-111)
Successor : International Harvester R-Series

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