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1967 Vespacar 150

Vespacar 150 1967

Registration number: B-565174
Owner: Compra (Narvarcles.Bages)

Factory: MOTO VESPA, SA Spain
Engine: 150 ml
Cylinder diameter: 57 mm.
Stroke: 57 mm.
Transmission: Planetary differential.
Parking brake: straight hand lever.
Transmission: 4-speed forward, back.
Fuel consumption: 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers.
Fuel tank capacity: 11 liters.
Payload: 400 kg.
Maximum speed: 60 km / h
Weight With cabin: 195 kg.
Open box dimensions: 125 x 125 at 27 cm
Boxcar Dimensions: 125 x 113 x 80 cm

MOTO VESPA, S.A. - The Spanish company manufacturing motorcycles, mopeds and light vehicles created in 1952 INI and Enrico Piaggio.

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