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1901 Bohrer-Auto

The carriage manufacturer from Klagenfurt Thomas Bohrer confessed at the end of the 19th century, that the street future would belong to automobiles. Thus in 1901 his first car appeared, which used many parts from coaches. The subsequent vehicles were produced, repaired and rebuilt in the small workshop in Klagenfurt. Later the Fa. Bohrer became a representative of the Italian brand FIAT.
By good fortune the first Bohrer automobile was preserved, in a bad condition, though. In cooperation with the grandson of the creator they managed to return this valuable car into its initial state by way of careful restoration. Thomas Bohrer was an erudite. He also had numerous patents and won many competitions as a sportsman.


Production year - 1901
Engine – 2-cylinder FAFNIR – a petrol engine with pumpless water cooling
Power – 6 hp
Rear wheel drive by dint of chain gearing without differential
Brakes – only on rear wheels

In 1918 the automobile received police number F 6 {F for Carinthia, 6 – for the sixth automobile, registered in Carinthia) and was on file till 1948.


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