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1990 Flugauto

To fly was an old people’s dream. The invention of a propeller was an important step in this direction.
And smart lovers from the town of Villach (Mr. GOMBAC and Mr. FUNK) designed and built a vehicle, driven with the help of a propeller. Similar examples were even in the railway transport: in 1935 the engineer Kruckenberg in Germany developed the speed of 200km/h on his Rail Zeppelin moving along standard railway rails.
In this museum exhibit an opposed VW engine was mounted on a homemade chassis and a propeller was placed on a shaft. It was used also for cooling. In addition to the wheels this vehicle was provided with sledge runners for winter exploitation, which were tested on the frozen Wörthersee. The automobile operated excellently developing surprising acceleration. However, when it was employed every day, there could be definite troubles with permissive organizations. That’s why this unique automobile in the full kerb weight appeared in the museum Historama in 2007.

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