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1898 Triebwagen III

In 1898 the mountain road from Pöstlingberg to Linz Urfahr of 1 m width, which is considered to be the steepest adhesion (due to wheels rubbing on rails) railway in Austria, was opened. When the grade is 105%о (per mille) special measures are needed to create brakes. It was done with the help of the clasp type brakes which operated on the wedge-shaped heads of the rails.18 cars were obtained of which the first five items were designed as summer cars. In order to distinguish them from the mountain trams of the town of Linz the designation with Roman numerals was introduced for them.
In 2008 this important railway was modernized. And because the town net of Linz has got gauge width of 900 mm, Pöstlingbergbahn (mountain railway) was also retrofitted from 1,000 mm to 900 mm and provided with new safety facilities. New cars were acquired for everyday use. The Historama museum got the opportunity to receive four old cars from Pöstlingbergbahn, including 115-year old summer car III.

Technical characteristics:

Producer - Grazer Waggonfabrik/ UEG
Production year - 1898
Length – 6.84 m
Weight – 8.8 t
Seats - 24
Standees - no
Engine power - 2 x 20 kW
Track gage – 1,000 mm

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