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1937 Fiat-SPA TL.37 Artillery Tractor (Italy)

In 1935 Italian War Ministry announced a competition for designing of light, middle and heavy duty artillery tractors. The Breda 32 and the Fiat-SPA TL.37 vehicles were submitted to the tender for light tractors. The design of the Fiat-SPA firm won the competitive tender. The principle task of a comparatively small all-wheel-drive vehicle was to carry light 75 and 100 mm howitzers and the place for ammunition load was designed in the luggage compartment. The first 250 Fiat-SPA TL.37 was ordered at the end of 1937 and a total of 2,267 of such artillery tractors were produced. The purpose-built vehicle called the AS-37 Sahariana (805 pieces were made) was produced on the base of the TL-37, in the bargain a small quantity of the automobiles were re-equipped into the self-propelled artillery system Autocannone da 75/27.

Curb weight, kg – 3,560
Length, mm – 4,130
Width, mm – 1,830
Height, mm – 2,180
Cylinder number - 4
Displacement, l – 4.5
Power, hp - 52
Speed, km/h – 38.2

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