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1931 D-8 Armored Motorcar (the USSR)

At the beginning of 1931 the designer N.I. Dyrenkov received the task from the head of the Mechanization and Motorization Division of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army I.A. Halepsky to develop two version models of a light armored car on the base of the passenger car “Ford A”. The first armored motorcar with the series name D-8 had 4 ball mounts for the DT machine-gun. The second one, which got the designation D-12, was equipped with an aviation–related turret for the DA machine gun, mounted on the armored body top expanded for those purposes. The prototypes of the armored motorcars had been made by the spring of 1931. A total of 60 light armored cars of the both types were produced. On 1 June, 1941 there were 45 armored motorcars D-8 and D-12 in the Red Army units. The last two D-8 were used by the forces of Leningrad front in the summer of 1942.

Curb weight, kg – 1,580
Length, mm – 3,540
Width, mm – 1,705
Height, mm – 1,680
Cylinder number - 4
Displacement, l – 3.28
Power, hp - 40
Speed, km/h - 85

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