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1930 Tankette Т-27 (the USSR) the mockup

In 1927 the British fabricators John Carden and Vivian Lloyd developed the tankette make, which became operational in 1929 as the tankette “Carden-Lloyd” Mk.VI. Apart from the British Army the tankette was exported, together 16 countries, including the USSR, bought it. In August, 1930 the group of engineering designers under the leadership of N. N. Kozyrev was established at VATO plant No.2, who set about project engineering of a Soviet version of the British tankette. The Soviet version got a factory index mark K-25. In addition to a new propulsion engine the vehicle featured an auxiliary pair of wheels on each side, which improved its stability characteristics. In November, 1930 a trial sample К-25 was tested, and on 13 February 1931 the tankette passed into service under the index mark Т-27. A total of 3,295 these vehicles were produced.

Curb weight, kg – 2,700
Length, mm – 2,600
Width, mm – 1,830
Height, mm – 1,443
Cylinder number - 4
Displacement, l - 3.28
Power, hp - 40
Speed, km/h - 40

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