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Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

The Mercedes-Benz museum is an automobile museum in Shuttgart, Germany, which is also home to Daimler AG headquarters. The current building which represents a unique cloverleaf concept using three overlapping circles with the center removed was opened on 19 May 2006. The museum used to be located inside a separate building on the factory’s territory. While the building took only 4800m2 , there was over 16500m2 of free space inside of it.

The museum offers over 160 showpieces, which include lots of different vehicles from different periods of the company’s history. All the 7 floors contain the full Mercedes history, including different showpieces and lots of interesting facts. The tour begins on the 7th floor, which holds the earliest exhibit items: cars, trucks, boats, engines etc.

Going downstairs it seems that we go through the history of the company, looking at cars from different periods: golden age of motoring, pre-war models, the most exclusive supercars. There are even a few exhibition rooms, which represent different safety devices. The 1st floor holds a lot of performance cars from the first Benz from the 20th century up to modern F1 bolides.


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Daimler AG factory museum

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