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1996 UAZ-33036

Following up the previous work over the long-based UAZ-461D and UAZ-455D, in 1996 the batch production of the all-wheel drive UAZ-33036 with a lengthened wheelbase (2,550 mm against 2,300 mm of the base UAZ-3303) began. Furthermore, the automobile got an all-metal flat body of an original design with three drop sides produced directly at the UAZ (as distinct from the platform body UAZ-33035). Depending on the grade the platform body can be equipped with two dual seats and a removable awning with a frame. The front axle structure admits disconnection of the front wheels hubs. The payload of the UAZ-33036 was increased up to 1,300 kg. The automobile is completed with the engine UMZ-4218 of 84 hp and 2.8 l displacement.

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