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Mauro Pascoli Collection Vespa

Mauro Pascoli is well known for his huge Vespa details storage and shop. But it is not the only thing, which makes him famous. In 2008, on the outskirts of Ravenna, Italy, he founded a unique museum of Vespa history. This two-storeyed building can be considered as a toy-shop at first, but there is a huge collection of more than 90 Vespa showpieces inside.

Most part of Vespa models are displayed: from first Vespa 98 models, produced in the 40’s with the headlight on the front wing, to the newest models like Vespa 250 GT 60, which was produced to immortalize the 60th anniversary of the brand. Of course, Mauro didn’t forget about cargo-scooters Piaggio Ape. For example, there is a passenger version of Giardinetta with opened wooden body. There is even an extremely rare military Vespa 150 T.A.P by ACMA.

An interesting fact: in his museum, Mauro Pascoli collected lots of different Vespa models, built in different countries under a special license, such as British Douglas Vespa, German Hoffmann Vespa, French ACMA Vespa, and Vespa Allstatte from USA. You can even meet a Russian copy, which is called Vyatka VP-150. The second floor of the building hosts a tiny collection of agricultural machines with Piaggio engines.


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Частная коллекция скутеров Vespa

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