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National Polytechnical Museum in Sofia

The National Polytechnical Museum (Bulgarian: Национален политехнически музей) is a science museum located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The National Polytechnical Museum was established on 13 May 1957 by a Council of Ministers decree, initially under the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It was declared a national museum in 1968.

The museum has a collection of more than 22,000 items, but only 1,000 of them are permanently displayed. Collections are supplemented by a library with more than 12,000 books and journals, and an archive of about 2,000 documents. Permanent collections are divided in exhibitions of time measurement, transportation, photography and cinema, optics, audio equipment, radio and television, computing equipment, communications equipment and others.

There are several cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the collection of the National Polytechnical Museum - Ford Model A, Messerschmitt KR200, Fiat 500 Topollino, two Bulgarian made Balkan motorcycles and several non-ordinary bicycles.


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Небольшой, но довольно интересный музей. Идеально отреставрированный Ford A и классный Fiat Topolino. И, конечно, я не еще ни разу не видел велосипеда на солнечных батареях с поражающим для тех времен запасом хода в 20 км.

Dmitrii, Russia

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