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2011 VAZ-2107 "Zhiguli"

It is the last car of the series assembly. It was produced on 29 July, 2011. The color is grey-green (“sochi”). When this model went into OAO (Open Joint-Stock Company) AVTOVAZ the production of conventional cars was completed. A total of 2, 874,382 automobiles VAZ-2107 were assembled at the gathering conveyor of AVTOVAZ during the period from 1982 till 2011.

VAZ-2107 is a series of medium-sized family cars built by Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ, introduced in 1982 in the Soviet Union, and progressively in other European markets through the early 1980s. AvtoVAZ cars are currently branded as Ladas.

Today they are generally referred to as the Lada Classic series, being derived from the original Fiat 124 platform which has been the now-iconic mainstay of the AvtoVAZ lineup since the company's foundation in the late 1960s. The production in Russia ended between 2010 and 2012, however, the Lada 2107 remains in production in Egypt until 2014.

The 2107 offered as the luxury version (and the most expensive), with improved interior (including front headrests), a new instrument panel, and chrome grille (resembling a Mercedes); it came with either 1,294 cc (79.0 cu in) (21072) or 1,570 cc (96 cu in) (21074) engines. (The 21079 was a Wankel engined version.)

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