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1983 RAF-22034

The incident command vehicle RAF-22034 was built at the RAF (Riga automobile factory) for needs of fire fighting service. It was not mass-produced, but it was refitted by firefighters themselves on the base of an ordinary microbus. The fire control units RAF-22034 Latvia are used in some emergency situation subdivisions of urban settlements in order for the control point to arrive as quick as possible at the incident call site.

An incident command vehicle of a fire fighting service was allowed for in the character type of the microbus RAF-2203, and even prototype examples of such car were built. Tables and seats were installed in the passenger compartment of the RAF-22034, and overalls, individual protective means and communications facility were located in the baggage compartment. Fire control units were not series-produced at the RAF factory, but they were subsequently made by different enterprise of fire fighting service based on standard “rafiks” – RAF-automobiles. It is meant to carry 5 firemen and 5 outfits.

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