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1921 Peugeot Type 161

Manufacturer - Peugeot
Also called - Peugeot Type 161 , Peugeot - Type 172
Production- 1921-1924
12,305 produced
Body and chassis
Class - Supermini
Layout - FR layout
Engine - 667 cc I4 , 720 cc I4
Transmission - 3-speed manual
Predecessor - Peugeot Bébé
Successor - Peugeot 5CV

Peugeot Quadrilette is the popular name for the Peugeot Type 161 and Peugeot Type 172 and associated models produced between 1921 and 1924.
Peugeot created the Type 161 to reverse its financial woes following the First World War. It was a cheap, practical, very small economy car and was nicknamed the Quadrilette when shown at the 1920 Brussels Motor Show. It was available for sale in 1921. In order to put it into the minimal tax bracket (that of cyclecars, for whom the tax was 100 francs annually, the 4-cycle, 4-cylinder water-cooled engine displaced a mere 667 cc and produced 9.5 horsepower (7.1 kW). Taking advantage of this small power output was a very lightweight body, under 350 kilograms (770 lb). The vehicle's width was so diminutive that the two seats were placed in tandem, not side-by-side. Later in 1921, the Type 161E was introduced with side-by-side seats, the passenger seat slightly back to allow the driver room to operate the pedals. The car retailed for 9900 francs with top, acetylene lights, and spare tire, 9400 francs without. Fuel economy was highly impressive at 5.0 L/100 km (45 miles per US gallon or 56 miles per Imperial gallon). Top speed was 60 kilometres per hour (37 mph).


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