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About the museum

Exhibition of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III's private collection of Antique cars.
Prince Rainier III always had a passion for automobiles, and over a period of more than thirty years, he took advantage of the unique opportunities which presented themselves to build up an exceptional personal collection of historic cars. The collection included over one hundred vehicles which he had restored. Many were built by the most renowned European and American manufacturers and each, in its own way, marked its time. The full collection is now displayed, as envisaged by Prince Rainier, on five levels of specially tailored exhibit space overlooking the Terrasses de Fontvieille at the foot of the Rocher.



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I really couldn't give a toss about cars in general, however, I liked this collection as it ranged from Formula 1 to vintage to prestige and everything in-between. The building is basic - no glamour in the decor here - but the cars are very impressive. What I liked the most is that there are details about each

DadTripper, United Kingdom

I'm personally not big on cars at all, but it was cool to see all the different cars owned by Prince Rainier and seeing how automobiles evolved over time.

lamorta, Portugal

В коллекции находятся достаточно много транспорта начиная от повозок для лошадей и самых первых автомобилей и заканчивая ультра-современными гоночными болидами. Наибольшее количество экспонатов относится к началу автомобилестроения и первым моделям различных марок. Представлено очень много различных элитных марок - и ягуары, и ферари, и ролс ройсы и т.д.

Василий Пранин, Russia

Потрясающая коллекция поистине восхищает ! Любовь, пристрастия и забота великих исторических личностей ощущается в каждом автомобиле, подаренном ими в коллекцию Принца и его отца!

Kostikvqp, Russia

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