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1974 QEK Junior Typ HP500.83/5

QEK Junior is a small camper of GDR manufacturing, produced from 1974 to 1990. A single-axle caravan had only one window and a lifted roof. QEK Junior originally was built in the version HP 400.83 without brakes.
Later, HP 500.83 / 2 with hydraulic brakes and a parking brake were added to this version. A little later, the hydraulic brakes were replaced by mechanical. The Kemper weighed only 360 kg, it could be used with such weak cars like Trabant.
The main advantage of QEK Junior was the fact that it could be housed in a regular garage for a car. The overall length was equal to 3,850 mm (body length – 2,900 mm), the width was 1,925 mm, the height was 2,000 mm. When at the parking the roof could be raised, what together with a recess in the kitchen floor allowed ample place.

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