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1978 Trabant 601 S Kombi with a tent SACHSENRUH

Gerhard Mueller made a revolution in the field of tourism in the GDR in the mid-70s, having invented a quickly fold-out tent, which was placed on the roof of the Trabant car. The tent with a double bed was taken down in just 1 minute.

The tent frame was made of a steel rod with rectangular cross section in size of 15x25 mm and the struts were made of 16 mm steel rod. The floor made of 6-mm wood chipboard was covered with rugs of 10-cm thick foam.

The tent weighing 40 kg was made by VEB Zeltbau Burgstedt and fixed on the basis of 8 rubber feet. In 1978, Gerhard Mueller received a patent for his invention, and a year later began mass production. Three employees of his company's produced annually 120-130 tents.

By the way, in the museum the tent is set on the Trabant 601 S Kombi wagon.

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