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1990 Trabant 1.1 Kombi

In 2001, during the awarding ceremony «Golden Steering Wheel», TV presenter Kai Pflaume was sitting next to the head of Volkswagen - Ferdinand Piëch. Kai told his neighbor that he had ordered Trabant 17 years before, but it had never been delivered. Moreover, he had preserved the original order form.
The company Volkswagen, as we know, now owns a factory Sachsenring Automobilwerke, which produced the Trabant. Perhaps that is why Ferdinand Piech decided to correct that unfortunate mistake and quickly found for TV presenter the car - the last 444th series.
The odometer of the car showed only 5,000 miles, and it looked as good as new. Renowned artist Christopher Bellhen covered it with drawings of hearts in his own style. The car was brought to Kai on March 18, 2002, and he received it from the hands of Ferdinand Piëch.
Children's TV presenter's dream came true, and he drove the car through the Brandenburg Gate. The same year, the Trabant was auctioned in support of the campaign «A Heart for Children». The vehicle was sold through eBay and a record sum of 45,200 euros was realized for it! So it's the most expensive of all known Trabant cars.

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