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1909 Lancia Beta 20 HP

Lancia Beta 20 HP 1909

Cylinder number / capacity - 4/ 3120 cc
Power - 34 bhp at 1500 rpm
Max speed - 90 khp
Period of production - 1909
numbers built - 150
Type body - runabout
Marque bodywork - SGV

The car shown in the museum, a Type B long-chassis Beta, was sold as a rolling chassis (an usual procedure at that time also to take advantage, in some countries, of lower Customs duties) to the USA, where it was fitted with a runabout body built by SGV. Among the most important specifications of this model there are the dual accelerator control, by pedal and by lever on the steering wheel, and the large fuel tank, about 100 litres, at the rear; as at that time the gas stations were still rare and the petrol was sold in cans by the groceries, it was. absolutely necessary to have a considerable fuel distance. In addition, on the left driver’s side, there is a spare fuel brass hose. Vincenzo Lancia was very concerned with the innovations and the needs of his clients, so in 1909 he had already fitted his cars with a spare wheel, and not a simple spare tyre, as it was common In Italy In that period. On this car It’s important to notice the two big acetylene headlamps and the mechanical speedometer on the front right wheel, probably fitted In the States.

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