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1929 Lancia Lambda 8.Serie

Lancia Lambda 8. Serie 1929

Country - Italy
Number of seats - 4
Weight - 1200 kg
Speed - 130 km h
Engine type - Reciprocating internal combustion engine, gasoline, four-stroke, V-type engine, water cooling
Engine capacity - 2.57 l
Cyl num - 4
Power - 51 kW (69 hp) 3500 rpm min

The Lancia Lambda is an innovative automobile produced from 1922 through 1931. It was the first car to feature a load-bearing monocoque-type body, (but without a stressed roof) and it also pioneered the use of an independent suspension (the front sliding pillar with coil springs). Vincenzo Lancia even invented a shock absorber for the car and it had excellent four wheel brakes. Approximately 11,200 Lambdas were produced.

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