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About the museum

Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne about 55 years is an interesting technical museum, original modern witnessed the history of transport. It is the most visited museum in Switzerland. Contains exposure train, automobile, aviation and maritime transport with lots of interactive exhibits.



49 exhibits
12 panoramas

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Hi I love your beautiful one of its kind museum. I juan penalver created a 1 miniature maquete in honor to preston Thomas tucker cars with lights in a museum and many more features . I would like for you to see the museum. to see it. on youtube write 1948tuckerminiture museum. and special photos too. at facebook write prestontuckermuseumexpo. Iwould love my minture museum to go to a museum or a special place . please see it is a unique piece of art. thaks juan penalver

vilma cespedes and juan penalver, United States

The Swiss Transportation Museum is definitely one of a kind. Cool cars section. How about planes? I haven't found them on your website.

Jozek444, Switzerland

Let me ask you something. Do you like history? Do you like public transportation? Interested about the history of Swiss Transport? If you answered "yes" to any of these, please do yourself a favor and visit the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz . This place has so much cool history, memorabilia, and information.


Оригинальный музей. Большой стилаж с машинами. Я даже не сразу понял, что они настоящие. Но в музее темновато, и многие экспонаты рассмотреть сложно.

Антон, Russia

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