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1946 Rapid Silberfisch

Rapid 1946

Country - Swiss
Number of seats - 2
Weight - 400 kg
Speed - 70 km h
Engine type - Reciprocating internal combustion engine, gasoline, four-stroke, double piston engine, air cooling
Engine capacity - 0.35 l
Cyl num - 1
Power - 6 kW (8.2 hp) 4000 rpm min

- Designed by Josef Ganz according to a similar chassis arrangement as the Standard Superior but with different styling;
- Characteristics: central backbone chassis, independent suspension all-round with swinging rear half-axles, mid-mounted engine, all-metal open Beetle-like body;
- Number built: ± 3 prototypes (including 1 aluminium-bodied prototype dubbed Silberfisch) 36 production cars (built by Rapid in Switzerland in period 1945 - 1947);
- Status: two cars are known to exist; one is restored and on display at the Verkehrshaus in Luzern (CH) and the second one is unrestored and owned by a Dutch collector.

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