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1948 Fiat 1100 S MM

Fiat 1100 S MM "Gobbone" 1948

Engine: 4-cylinder, in-line,
Cubic capacity: 1089 cc
Power: 51 hp at 5200 rpm
Max Speed: 155 km h
Chassisodywork : Berlinetta , 2-seater

One of Fiats first post-war efforts was a racing variant of the 1100 known simply as the 1100 S. It featured a tuned engine and a dramatic streamlined body by Fiat which was loosely based off the pre-war 508 CMM and helped the car achieve nearly 100 mph.

The two-seat body was produced by Carrozzerie Speciali at Fiat's own Officine Lingotto under the derection of Giuseppe Cogno. Several of the early cars don a badge with this script.

The structure it self was an aluminum body built over the Fiat 1100B chassis.

The 1100 cc engine offered significantly more power than its predecessor and produced around 50 bhp. The S-spec engine water pump, redesigned radiator and different camshafts.

The 1100 S debuted at the 1947 Mille Miglia and placed a remarkable second, third, and fourth overall.

Fiat have quoted that 401 copies of the 1100 S were made, but we suspect this might be an overambitious number that includes several other bodystyles.

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