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1950 Chevrolet 3100

Chevrolet 3100 1950

1948 became the last year, when Chevrolet's pre-war styling was used for passenger cars. In a real surprise move the Chevrolet trucks were completely redesigned. So the trucks, not the cars, led the corporation into the "modern" world of post-war automotive design. The styling was a total break from the previous trucks, with even the bumper being changed. Rounded fenders had the headlights as integral units, with the parking lights recessed into the grille. The grille itself was a painted unit consisting of five heavy horizontal bars, extending laterally to within a few inches of the headlights, and vertically from the bumper to the front lip of the hood. The hood was now of the alligator type, hinged at the cowl and no longer having removable side panels. The cab was also more rounded, with larger interior dimensions and only a small embossed belt line trim at the window sill. The windshield was still a 2-piece type, but was now fixed in place, and could not be opened. Windshield wipers were cowl mounted, rather than being in the windshield header. Vent louvers were located on the right side of the cowl, while a vent panel was on the left. A large stainless steel stamping proclaimed "Chevrolet" in block letters across the hood face, while smaller block letters on the hood sides said "Chevrolet" and proclaimed the series.
Under the hood, things remained practically the same as before, with the light trucks housing in standard Chevrolet Six of 216 cubic inches and 90 horsepower, while the heavy duty models had the exclusive truck engine of 235 cubic inches and 93 horsepower. There is a new series 6500 with 179-inch wheelbase of 16,000 pounds were available from 1950. Since 1951 all heavy-duty trucks received 105 hp engine, 4-speed manual transmission and many of them used 2-speed rear axles. The new indexation remained a little difficult. Each model has not only 4 digital numeric index for model, but also alpha-numeric index for series.

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