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1958 Тепловоз 318-001 Americana

Diesel locomotive 318-001 Americana 1958
Renfe 1801

Country of origin - USA
Manufacturer - ALCO
Maximum speed - 120 km / h
Power - 1457 KW

The rounded shape of this machine shows its American origin. When the conversion to diesel power began in Spain in the 50s. RENFE turned to the United States, whose railway technology was in the vanguard of diesel traction. Most of the locomotives bought in those years came from the United States, in Spain this kind of machine belonged to the Ourense depot, running mainly in Galicia and its periphery. The diesel vehicles transform the energy into movement thanks to an internal combustion engine. This system gives a flexible, cheap operation due to Us high energetic use, superior to that of steam traction. Although the first engines date from the end of the XIX century, the use in the railway happened later, from the Second World War on.


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